Axial grooved heat pipe Products

Axial grooved heat pipe is generally called grooved heat pipe. It refers to the opening of an axial groove on the inner wall of the shell to provide a capillary pressure head and a liquid passage. The cross-section of the groove can be rectangular, trapezoidal, circular and variable cross-section grooves. Although the capillary pressure head is small, the liquid flow resistance of the groove core is very small, so it can achieve higher axial heat transfer capacity, smaller radial thermal resistance, good repeatability of the process, and accurate geometric parameters can be obtained. The capillary limit can be calculated correctly. The performance of this kind of tube is basically unchanged after bending, but because of its poor anti-gravity ability, it is not suitable for tilting (hot end up) operation. It is very suitable for zero gravity condition in space. Therefore, it is widely used in space vehicles and high-power devices without reverse heat transfer.

Specification of Axial Groove heat pipe:

The Axial Groove heat pipes manufactured by our company are mainly Φ5mm, Φ6mm, Φ8mm, Φ10mm and Φ12mm in diameter, and can also manufacture grooved heat pipes of Φ16mm, Φ20mm and above in diameter. Because of the advantages of grooved heat pipes, it is not recommended that users use grooved heat pipes of more than Φ12mm,The length of grooved heat pipe is recommended to be as short as 100 mm due to technological factors, Grooved heat pipes less than 70 mm are not recommended, The longest length is suggested to be 2000 mm. Grooved heat pipes beyond this length can also be customized, but not within the recommended range. Considering the power and heat transfer characteristics of grooved heat pipes, the ideal size range is 100 mm to 1000 mm.

Gear data in grooved heat pipe specifications can be provided by customers as a reference for scientific research. In the actual production process, adjustments will be made according to the best heat transfer effect, whichever is the actual product.

Invalid end of Axial Groove heat pipe:

In the production process of Axial Groove heat pipe, there will be spinning seal and vacuum exhaust seal at both ends. The shrinking end of the heat pipe can not become the effective heat transfer area as the outer diameter, so there will be an invalid end concept. The invalid end of the spinning seal is the radius size of the heat pipe, and the other end of the vacuum exhaust seal is the diameter size of the heat pipe.

Bending and flattening of Axial Groove heat pipes:

Users often need to flatten the heat pipe. The principle of flattening the heat pipe is to ensure only the flattening thickness. The width of flattening is formed naturally according to the diameter of the heat pipe, which is semi-elliptical on both sides. The minimum flattening thickness of the heat pipe is the radius size of the heat pipe, and the minimum bending radius of the heat pipe is twice the diameter size of the heat pipe.

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